East Idaho News | November 19, 2012
A Driggs distillery is being recognized for making some of the finest vodka in the country. The Idaho State Journal reports Grand Teton Vodka is winning top prizes from one of the nation’s leading reviewers. The Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago gave Grand Teton a rating of 94, higher than Glacier’s rating of 86 and...more
vodka wins gold

Ken Levy | Teton Valley News | November 2, 2012
Grand Teton Vodka is still in its infancy stages, and already it is winning top prizes from one of the nation’s leading reviewers. The Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago gave the potato vodka, distilled in Driggs, a ranking of 94, surpassing Glacier with an 88 and Grey Goose with an 86. “They gave us a Gold Medal and a Best...more
gtv wins gold

Beverage Testing Institute | 2012
Clear color. Mild, tropical aromas of coconut shavings, nut brittle, and baked banana with a satiny, crisp, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a peppery, delightful, crisp wet stone, meringue, and pepper finish. A toasty, rum-like vodka that will mix well in creamy or tropical cocktails...more

The Liquor Store & Wine Loft | September 27, 2012
Our newest arrival at The Liquor Store & Wine Loft of Jackson Hole didn’t have to travel very far. Just over the hills in Teton Valley, Idaho, a new vodka distillery has emerged to bring us Grand Teton Vodka. Made using pure Teton Valley water and Idaho potatoes, this premium vodka is available in both a 750ml bottle and a 375ml...more

Ken Levy | Teton Valley News | August 22, 2012
Grand Teton Vodka has begun operations in its distillery north of downtown Driggs, and the proprietors hope the brand will gain international recognition. For now, however, its first batches will be distributed from the Idaho Liquor Dispensary. And its processes for creating the drink are still going through some tweaks...more

Ken Levy | Idaho Business Review | October 20, 2011
When the economy collapsed, Bill and Lea Beckett’s dream of building a luxury hotel in Driggs collapsed with it. So they turned to vodka. The retired professional couple, who own a second home in nearby Tetonia, want to put their efforts full time into making potato vodka in Driggs. They’ll build a craft distillery on Highway 33...more
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