Jason Suder | Teton Valley News | April 3, 2014
A feat nary another vodka producer has earned at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the valley’s own Grand Teton Distillery has earned a Double Gold Medal for their potato vodka for the second consecutive year. Double Gold is an honor bestowed on those spirits who receive gold ratings from each...more

San Francisco World Spirits Competition | April 1, 2014
Results By Class

Jennifer K Bauer | inland360.com | February 5, 2014
Mention the word “moonshine,” or any of its aliases (hooch, white lightning, mountain dew), and an image may come to mind of a shifty-eyed bootlegger brewing questionable booze in a mountain cabin to avoid the long arm of the law. Prohibition encouraged bootlegging, leading to some public health...more

Ultimate Spirits Challenge | 2014
What is it that makes a brandy, whiskey, vodka, gin, liqueur, rum or tequila great or, perhaps, not so great? At Ultimate Spirits Challenge (USC), judging panels of renowned international buyers, journalists, authors, educators, and consultants painstakingly labor over each spirit’s unique and individual color, aroma...more

Neal MacDonald, Editor | Proof66.com | December 31, 2013
Inspired by Wall Street stock predictions, our year-end retrospective list is aimed squarely at the industry: the importers, the distributors, and the retailers. These are the spirits we think can make money and deserve to make money. Just like “can’t miss” stock picks, these aren’t guarantees (of course!) but we feel like...more

Jason Suder | Teton Valley News | December 19, 2013
Temperatures have been teetering around zero degrees for weeks, and staying warm is becoming expensive, difficult or both; it’s time to investigate the options. The heat can only be cranked so high before breaking the bank, quality snow gear is not much cheaper fires can be dangerous or there’s the ever reliable whiskey...more

Joe Cadotte | Magic Valley News | December 11, 2013
In less than two years of production, Grand Teton Vodka in Driggs scored international gold medals for its Idaho potato vodka, and recently released three flavors of potato moonshine throughout the state, including Twin Falls last week. “We’re ranked as the number one potato vodka in the world right now based...more

Neal MacDonald, Editor | Proof66.com | October 30, 2013
Tasting Panel Magazine once again graciously invited us to the Chicago stop on their invitational tour of Double Gold Medal winners featuring some of the best of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. That particular competition is now well over 1,000 entrants in the spirits category… in other words, it dominates...more

Beverage Testing Institute | 2013
Clear color. Mild, tropical aromas of coconut shavings, nut brittle, and baked banana with a satiny, crisp, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a peppery, delightful, crisp wet stone, meringue, and pepper finish. A toasty, rum-like vodka that will mix well in creamy or tropical cocktails...more

Ken Levy | Idaho State Journal | September 22, 2013
The Grand Teton Vodka distillery north of downtown Driggs is poised to double in size, even as it prepares to introduce several new products to the market, including whiskey. The company has sold 2,000 cases of its product during its first year, said Lea Beckett who runs the distillery with her husband Bill, and is adding...more

Kara Newman | Wine Enthusiast | September 3, 2013
Faintly marshmallow-sweet, smooth and slightly viscous, this is an ideal mixer for cocktails. Consider also sipping this vodka, well chilled and paired with smoked salmon. Made from Idaho potatoes....more

Common Man Cocktails | August 20, 2013
Grand Teton Vodka is a fairly new vodka brand made in the United States in Idaho. It’s a smaller company producing the product, only a handful of folks putting in the work to produce the Grand Teton brand and I love that type of back-story; it’s the American dream becoming a reality. However, the reality of Grand Teton ...more

The Fifty Best | July 1, 2013
Most vodka drinkers are familiar with vodka's illustrious history in the Old World. What about New World American vodkas? Distilling spirits is not new to the United States – but recently a spirits renaissance has taken hold with hand-crafted artisanal vodka leading the way. That is because a new distillery's first...more
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