Grand Teton Malt Whiskey

DrinkHacker | Christopher Null | October 20, 2023
Idaho-based Grand Teton Distillery makes a pretty impressive bourbon (plus lots of vodka) and now it’s following the masses into that rising American whiskey category — American single malt. This expression is made from 100% Idaho-grown malted barley and is (wisely) aged in used bourbon barrels instead of new barrels for a whopping 7 years, making it one of the longest-aged single malts made in the U.S. today...more
Grand Teton Malt Whiskey

Whiskey Raiders | David Morrow | August 25, 2023
It’s August, which means we’re well into the depths of summer — and yet the days seem to keep getting hotter. We’ve got some time left until the weather starts to cool off and it becomes easier to drink heavy, oaky, high-proof whiskeys galore. After all, when you think of good whiskey, you think of delicious liquid that warms your mouth and throat — perfect for the chilly autumn and frigid winter months. However, whiskey can and should be enjoyed during the summer, as well — but it’s important to pick the right kind...more
Grand Teton Malt Whiskey

Craft Spirits Mag | August 10, 2023
Driggs, Idaho-based Grand Teton Distillery announced its newest hire, Scott Kelch, joining the team in a newly created position as area sales manager. Kelch will be responsible for supporting spirit sales throughout Idaho and the surrounding states. With an eye on expanding sales in the region, Kelch will look to secure a broker in Oregon and a distributor in Washington in the near future...more
Grand Teton Malt Whiskey

BevNet | Press Release | July 11, 2023
Award-winning Grand Teton Distillery announced the release of its Private Stock American Single Malt Whiskey. Aged in used bourbon barrels for seven years, this release is one of the longest-aged American Single Malts on the market. This is Grand Teton’s third bottle in the Private Stock collection and it is now available direct to consumer...more
Vodka Mixing Cocktails

Ashlie Hughes | VinePair | November 11, 2022
Despite its uninspiring reputation as a tasteless spirit, vodka remains a bartender’s workhorse. Smooth and versatile, vodka is blended into many popular cocktails served today — from Mules to Martini riffs. With base ingredients including, but not limited to, rice, corn, wheat, and potatoes, connoisseurs know that high-quality vodkas can bring unique textures and subtle flavors of their own...more
Best Bourbons 2022

Alex Darus | Daily Meal | November 9, 2022
There are undoubtedly tons of trends in the cocktail and alcohol space that come and go, but bourbon is that classic staple that will seemingly never go out of style. Bourbon is, at its core, the American version of whiskey that has been a reliable liquor on bar shelves since at least the 1800s (via American Whiskey Trail). According to Bourbon Country, the spirit stands out from general whiskey because of its mash bill — bourbon is almost always majorly comprised of corn, resulting in its sweet and smooth flavor...more
Moscow Mule

Erik Trinidad | Fatherly | November 2, 2022
If you spot a copper mug at a proper cocktail bar, you’ve undoubtedly encountered a Moscow Mule, a name that may conjure up images of the Kremlin. But this recognizable concoction doesn’t hail from the capital of Russia. Rather its origins were conceived in New York, circa 1941...more
Top Whiskeys in Oct

David Morrow | Whiskey Raiders | November 1, 2022
October was a monstrous month for whiskey, with many new releases including new launches from big names like Buffalo Trace, Pappy Van Winkle and … Arby’s? That was a weird one. Without further ado, let’s get into the top whiskeys released in October 2022...more
8yr Bourbon

Press Release | BevNet | October 6, 2022
DRIGGS, Idaho— Award-winning Grand Teton Distillery announced the release of its 8-Year Grand Teton Private Stock Straight Bourbon. Aged since 2014, this is the longest-aged whiskey to be released from an Idaho distillery to date. This release is the second in Grand Teton Distillery’s Private Stock series, following last fall’s release of Straight Corn Whiskey...more
Insider Guide

Sunset Staff | Sunset | September 14, 2022
Sunset’s Insider Guide series highlights seasonal diversions and secret travel tips from local experts. Follow along as we learn where to eat, drink, stay, and shop. Meet the insider: Lea Beckett, co-founder of Grand Teton Distillery. Gluten-free Idaho potato vodka: That’s what you’ll get when you pick up a bottle from Grand Teton Distillery. Of course, you could also visit for a tour and free tasting of these award-winning spirits. Which is exactly why we reached out to co-founder Lea Beckett to learn about the team’s home base of Driggs, and must-visit spots in the region...more
Best flavored vodkas

Alex Darus | Mashed | September 9, 2022
Vodka is one of the most versatile spirits of all time. It might solicit memories of college debauchery and painful hangovers, but there are plenty of classy ways to enjoy the spirit. We certainly can celebrate its intricacies while avoiding the dreaded "Jungle Juice" or plastic handles of liquid that tastes like rubbing alcohol....more
Best spirit mixers

Alex Darus | Mashed | September 6, 2022
When the craving for a boozy beverage hits after a long day, you may not always have the liquor, mixers, and other ingredients you need to make your cocktail of choice at a moment's notice. Soda water and Coca-Cola are staple mixers for various spirits, but they can get old and boring after awhile. Sure, there are plenty of spirits and other miscellaneous mixers around the house to work with, your brain just hasn't figured out the best pairing yet. Thankfully, it just takes a little creativity and a lot of trial and error to figure out what can work. But at the moment, you might find yourself staring at your home bar while drawing a massive blank....more
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