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When you adopt one of our whiskey barrels you will earn 7% simple interest per annum for the initial value of the barrel until it is ready to be bottled. Once we determine your barrel is ready*, varies by whiskey type 24-48 months, we will buy it back* from you at the initial purchase price plus the additional value earned annum and give you four (4) bottles of whiskey from your barrel! You can visit your barrel anytime and when it is mature you can join us at the distillery to help bottle. A lot of distilleries will offer to sell you a barrel. We are the only distillery offering to pay you!

  • Your money back plus the added interest value
  • Four (4) bottles of your adopted whiskey upon maturity and barrel certificate
  • Whiskey sold in stores from your barrel
  • Visit your barrel anytime, help bottle, and take pictures
  • Opportunity to purchase the empty barrel from us at a discounted price

Must pay via Check, Cash, or Money Order. Do not send a check in unless asked to. If you would like to be notified when barrels become available, please email

*Grand Teton Distillery will determine when the barrel is mature and ready to be bottled. At which point you will be reimbursed your initial purchase price plus the interest value from the time you purchased to the time the barrel is bottled with NET 90 terms. By participating in this program you understand that you never take ownership of the barrel or its contents and agree to these terms upon purchase. No money is paid out annually. The interest value for the barrel gained during its maturity will be added to the initial purchase price upon repayment. W9s are required for payouts. We may not be able to ship your case of whiskey to you depending on where you live. You are responsible for the shipping charges.


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