Today's Snow Is Tomorrow's Spirits

The World's Best Potatoes
Make the World's Best Tasting Vodka

FOUNDED IN 2011 IN TETON VALLEY IDAHO, Grand Teton Distillery is a family-owned and operated craft distillery. We sit at an elevation of 6500 feet in the shadow of the Grand Teton. Using mineral-rich glacial snowmelt and hundreds of thousands of famous Idaho® potatoes annually, our award-winning premium vodkas and whiskeys are made entirely from local and regional ingredients.

Our Mission. To create hand-crafted spirits using pure mountain water and natural ingredients that exemplify the grandeur of our surrounding environment.

Grand Teton Potato Vodka is made from Idaho® potatoes and pure Rocky Mountain spring water from the Tetons. The vodka is distilled the equivalent of 20 times in small batches with every step carefully monitored. It is then freeze filtered six times through charcoal and garnet crystal sand to provide you the cleanest, softest and highest quality spirit possible.

We prides ourselves in using local and regional ingredients, natural fruit and sustainable energy practices in creating our spirits. For us, today’s snow is tomorrow’s spirits!

Grand Teton Potato Vodka

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