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"For anyone who likes the authoritative and earthy taste of potato vodka, this is a must-have for both the extended vodka selection in a liquor store and any bar that promises upscale, classic vodka martinis. It takes a lot to impress us with vodka, but Grand Teton did it." ~Neil MacDonald - Editor
How to Tell the Difference Between Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys

If you know a little bit about cocktails, you can probably spout off the main whiskey in a Manhattan (rye) and an Old Fashioned (bourbon). But could you actually tell the difference...

Grand Teton Distillery brings on Tim Harland as EVP of Sales & Marketing

Grand Teton Distillery announced today the appointment of Tim Harland as executive vice president of sales and marketing. Harland will be responsible for solidifying...

Made in Idaho: Grand Teton Distillery

You could say business is flowing for John Boczar, head distiller at Grand Teton Distillery. "People drink when it's bad times, people drink when it's good times," he says. The vodka distilling process starts with a potato flake...

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